How to Eliminate the Appearance of Undereye Circles

How to Eliminate the Appearance of Undereye Circles

Let’s Talk About Freckles!

Freckles, also referred to an ephelides are small brown spots caused by condensed areas of melanin that form on various parts of the body and face. Sun exposure intensifies them, therefore throughout the summer months they tend to be more apparent.

Benefit of Facials

Many of us treat ourselves to facials throughout the year and consider it a time to relax and have some much needed pampering. However, facials when performed by a qualified facialist can have many benefits. Some of these include; having another set of eyes that can watch the skin for any changes, clearing the skin

Laser Hair Removal – The How, What, Why You’ll Want to Know

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work? The simple answer is that lasers emit a pulse of light, which is absorbed by the pigmentation, and blood vessels of the hair follicle. When that light is absorbed by the hair follicle, it is converted to heat, which then destroys the follicle. When the hair follicle is destroyed,

Improve Your Looks! No Surgery Needed

Many of us cringe at the thought of sagging skin, sun damage, veins popping up and that dull pallor that comes about as the years pass. With all the endless treatments available on the market today, choosing a suitable treatment that fits an individual’s needs can be overwhelming and exhausting.