How to Eliminate the Appearance of Undereye Circles

How to Eliminate the Appearance of Undereye Circles

Under eye circles is something that many of us suffer from and would love to eliminate, if we only knew how. Unfortunately, as many products on the market promise to clear these up, many don’t give the results that we want.

One of the reasons for this is that the type of treatment required depends on the reason why these dark circles are present. There are many causes for these shadows to be present under the eyes, such as heredity, vessels appearing through the thin skin under the eyes, pigmentation, lack of sleep and allergies.

The good news is there are procedures available to help minimize the appearance of these circles and quality cosmetics that can camouflage their appearance.

Some of these procedures include injectables, broadband light, eye creams that contain Retin-A, hydroquinone or other skin lightening agents.

Having the under eye area injected with dermal filler, by a licensed professional is method that can be used. By filling in the area under the eye, a barrier is created between the dark vessels present that create a shadow and show through the thin skin under the eye. This can also fill up any hollowness under the eyes.

Another treatment that can reduce the appearance of the circles is by the use of Broadband light. This targets and destroys excess pigment that is found under the eye and can greatly minimize the appearance of under eye circles.

Retin-A can also be effective as this helps to fade any pigmentation that may be present, while at the same time boosting collagen production that acts as a natural cushion that hides the appearance of the vessels found under this skin. Retin-A is by prescription only and can be irritating therefore its use should be monitored by your medical professional.

Eye creams that contain Hydroquinone and/or other skin lightening agents can also be effective. The type of eye cream and with the specific percentages of these lightening agents should be determined and monitored by a skin care professional.

Of course, in addition to all of the above, eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals, getting plenty of rest and drinking adequate amounts of water increase the efficacy of these treatments and will also aid in the improvement of the dark shadows below your eyes.

If these circles require camouflage, using a quality cosmetic with ingredients that promote skin health is essential. Ingredients that promote this would be ones containing antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C or E, anti-inflammatories such as green tea and have additional SPF protection. Ones that also have illuminating ingredients help to reflect light off of this area and make it appear to be lighter and brighter.

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