Improve Your Looks! No Surgery Needed

Improve Your Looks! No Surgery Needed

Many of us cringe at the thought of sagging skin, sun damage, veins popping up and that dull pallor that comes about as the years pass. With all the endless treatments available on the market today, choosing a suitable treatment that fits an individual’s needs can be overwhelming and exhausting.

Time and money always play a factor as well, as in our busy lives we have neither the time to spare nor the funds to waste.

Many of us, no longer feel comfortable about going under the knife, and we worry about the possible fake look that we have seen happen to countless individuals in the public eye. We want to look fresh, youthful and maintain our natural appearance.

Now You Can Improve Your Looks! No Surgery Needed

As we age our skin loses elasticity and radiance, pores enlarge, sun damage becomes apparent and vascular lesions can form.


Forever Young Photofacials are an innovative procedure that addresses these signs of aging for both the face and the body, without undergoing an invasive procedure like surgery. These differ from regular photofacials with both the technique that is used, and the specific wavelengths emitted from Broadband Light (BBL) that are used to treat your individual needs. It’s a simple, natural, quick treatment with results that have been proven in the medical field.

The use of BBL has been studied in depth at the University of Stanford. This study involved participants who were followed for a 10-year period and underwent Forever Young Photofacials 3-4 times per year. The results were staggering as the skin of those being treated over the 10-year period either did not change on the cellular level and/or showed significant improvement.

Avadra Laser Studio offers this treatment for those looking for anti-aging results that are permanent, safe and effective. We recommend doing these treatments 4 times per year, once per season. If there is damage to the skin, BBL Correct treatments will be done first to clear the skin.


BBL Correct addresses sun damage, redness, veins, rosacea, dull skin, large pores and fine lines and wrinkles. Once these issues have been corrected we move to the Forever Young Photofacials that maintain the results of the BBL Correct … AND … act as an effective anti-aging treatment to keep the skin functioning much the same as youthful skin: one that reflects light and glows.

For further information on clinical studies performed for this treatment or to see how this procedure is done go to

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